Career Choice For Psychology Students After Graduation

For psychology students concern about their career choice in this seemingly hard moment for securing jobs, there’s an alternative career which you can still work closely in your area of expertise. In this golden era where internet is one of the most widely used communication tool, you can provide your psychological services online.

Affiliate marketing is the best platform for you to do that. Although it rings a selling bell and you are not into sales and marketing, the selling tactics is completely different from the real world salesperson, and it doesn’t involve selling at all, at least on your part.

People have problems, all sort of problems such as eating disorders which usually have a psychological component. With affiliate marketing what you really need to do here is to lead those people to a product or services that might help them solve their problems.

There are many products and services being offered by established health organisations and certified psychologists. And many offers affiliate program or partnership program for you to join which is free. Once you are affiliated to these products or services you can spread the words about the product using various affiliate marketing techniques.

One of the technique is to write a series of articles that contains tips and advice on you area of expertise and within your article’s content there is a link to your website or blog. Yes, you will need a website or blogging platform to run your affiliate business.

Giving tips and advice is not a problem for you since you have plenty of resources since your are in college and you also have the internet. Simply use the search engines to search a related topics.

When these people are brought to your website, you will suggest to them a product or services that might help them solve their problems which ever it might be. Without actually mentioning that you are affiliated to the said product, you should suggest them to click on the link(which is your affiliate link) to the product’s website. Once they are there, you don’t have to do anything.

Now the product’s website will do the selling for you highlighting the benefits or whatever offer they have for these people. If they are interested they can proceed to payments which mostly through credit cards.

You will be paid a percentage of commissions at the end of the month. Commissions varies from 3% up to 50% or more depending on the product.

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